Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A daring prediction from Mippyville's leading psychic

Has anyone out there been following The Human Target? It's a very loose adaptation of a minor character who has been bouncing around the DC universe since the Seventies. It's also a considerable improvement.

The following has a few spoilers so this would be a good place to stop...

Still here? Then you probably saw the season climax where Amy Acker was killed when she went into the cabin of a boat that immediately exploded. Only she wasn't.

Here's the trick. Feel free to use it to impress friends at parties. I have watched far more TV than any sane person should admit to and in all those hours, every time I have seen anyone step out of sight into a boat or a building or even a vehicle with tinted windows which immediately exploded, the person was never killed in the explosion.

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