Monday, December 27, 2010

It was new! He was different!

You've probably never heard of the Barker. He was published by a major comic book label (the aptly-named Quality which also gave us Plastic Man, the Blackhawks, Black Condor and many other well-remembered characters). He was co-created by one of the recognized geniuses of cartooning (Jack Cole) and was drawn for almost all of his run by a gifted and highly respected artist (Klaus Nordling). He had a healthy run as the cover feature of two titles.

But the Barker wasn't a superhero (and it's superheroes the fanboys remember); he was just what his name implied, a man with a smooth patter who drew crowds into a carnival. He was also the de facto boss of a circus that routinely had to deal with thieves, conmen, murderers, suspicious crowds and corrupt local officials, all in entertaining fashion.

So step right up and for one thin dime, a mere tenth of a dollar...

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