Saturday, June 9, 2012

It turned out that when Little Nemo was actually drawn by Little Nemo wasn't very good

From Wikipedia:
Robert Winsor McCay (21 June 1896 - 21 April 1962) was an American cartoonist during the golden age of comic books. He worked professionally under the names R. Winsor McCay, Winsor McCay Jr., and Bob McCay. He was the son of cartoonist and animator Winsor McCay, and served as his model for the elder's comic-strip character Little Nemo.[citation needed]...1n 1937, Harry “A” Chesler created a newspaper syndicate, signing McCay to produce a new version of Little Nemo, as well as a daily featuring Impie. Production continued on both after the syndicate was closed in 1938, being utilized in various comic books including Cocomalt Comics and Blue Ribbon, published by MLJ Publications (later Archie Publications). Chesler closed his shop (the first of several times) around 1940. Street & Smith ran Little Nemo in 1942 in Shadow Comics. In 1945, McCay was again with Chesler’s shop, producing Little Nemo in Adventureland for Red Seal and Punch Comics until 1947, when the shop closed done for the final time.[3]


  1. I looked him up at Comic Book Plus, where they have more examples. In the early ones, he was very carefully copying his dad, and they looked somewhat better than this. Thanks for making me think about it.

  2. So the Little Nemo Movie combined two concepts: Little Nemo in Slumberland's idea of Nemo being Princess Camille's playmate, and visiting various places; and Nemo in Adventureland's idea of Nemo being a Prince who goes of on Heroic Adventures. I guess that's why the subtitle is called "Adventures in Slumberland".