Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yes, I know it's new, but it's still great

And if you act now you can catch the beginning of the latest chapter of Pibgorn, the best adventure strip in decades. (sorry about the truncation but you should be able to double-click and get the full image)


  1. Is this a paper and ink comic or is it published online?

  2. Brooke McEldowney originally intended Pibgorn as a companion to his award-winning and widely-syndicated 9 Chickweed Lane. After numerous attempts, he gave up on the newspaper option and started publishing online.

    9 Chickweed was already the most sexually explicit comic out there so you can where the artist went with the adventures of a fairy, a church-organist and a succubus. The sex and violence in the strip eventually got it bumped from to gocomics.