Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Calling all artists

"It... is... later... than... you... think..."

The last post got me thinking, I don't know if someone has already tried this but the Light's Out scripts of Wyllis Cooper and Arch Oboler would make great comic books.

Here's a list of notable episodes from Wikipedia:
  • "The Ugliest Man in the World", a sentimental tale of a hideously deformed man seeking love in a cruel world, inspired by gentle Boris Karloff's typecasting in horror roles, and enlivened by strikingly expressionistic dramatic effects.
  • "Profits Unlimited", a still-relevant allegory on the promises and dangers of capitalism.
  • "Bathysphere", a political thriller about a scientist and a dictator sharing a deep sea diving bell.
  • "Visitor from Hades", about a bickering married couple trapped in their apartment by a hellhound.
  • "Come to the Bank", in which a man learns to walk through walls, but gets stuck when he tries to rob a vault.
  • "Oxychloride X", about a chemist who invents a substance that can eat through anything.
  • "Murder Castle", based on the real-life case of H. H. Holmes, Chicago's notorious serial killer.
  • "Spider", in which two men attempt to capture a giant arachnid.
  • "The Flame", a weird exercise in supernatural pyromania.
  • "Sub-Basement", which finds yet another husband and wife in peril—this time trapped far beneath a department store in the subterranenan railway of the Chicago Tunnel Company.
Listen to them here -- really amazing stuff.

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