Thursday, June 3, 2010

What's wrong with comic book fans -- fictional biography edition

Intellectual Amos was a feature that ran in the back of the Spirit Section (greatest comic book ever, but that's a topic for another day). Its creator was a talented Haitian-born artist named Andre LeBlanc best known for his illustrated Bible.

I know this because the good people at Lambiek have a biological sketch on LeBlanc. You can also find an entry on Andre LeBlanc in Wikipedia. The only trouble is that it's not an entry on the artist; it's an entry on a fictional DC Comics villain probably named after the artist (though that fact isn't mentioned).

The only thing more boring than a fictional biography of a comic book character is a retconned biography. None of what's good about comics -- either as works of art or pieces of entertainment or business case studies or historical documents -- makes it into these dreary, badly-written Cliff Notes.

OK. I've got it out of my system. You can come back now and enjoy this story from July 9, 1944.

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